Welcome to

The Outerlands

Fear is endless, fear is relentless, fear is what makes you one of us.


The church, a gloomy and vast expanse of stone halls and rooms, in which only the bravest of souls may walk its blood-splattered corridors. Those who drift about in their bone-decorated robes have chosen to make this chaotic yet dark place their home. They are the Church of Decay, followers of the God of Dead Chaos Meirkien, the keeper of this twisted reality. Some wish to shine a light on the darkness, find the secrets behind every dripping corner, see firsthand what happens behind their masks. The Sect of Resonance, followers of Hordoe, long to see Meirkien and his follower’s downfall. Then, of course, there is you, traveler. So much waits for you inside and outside this church, the real question is this. Do you truly wish to find out what it is?

Two brothers; two sides of a war. Will you go down a path of bloodshed, horror, and bones? Stay neutral, take refuge under the reliable arms of Yuntali? Perhaps a song of nature and evergreen will guide you down the last path. Will you choose to follow the great god Meirkien? Or his brother, Hordoe? Will you choose to destroy Hordoe and his followers or fight to regain his voice?


Church of Decay

The church of Decay has sworn loyalty to the Dead Chaos God Meirkien. As a Church member, you will only perform one major task. Protect your god, even if it shall cost your life.

Sect of Resonance

In the Sect you will listen to the God of Nature and Life instead. Hordoe, Meirkien’s brother, seeks revenge for the countless atrocities his brother has committed.


Raider do not side with either of the two major factions, however they have one thing in common. The lust for blood. They will kill without hesitation and attempt to storm the church as a barbaric team.


Visitors, contrary to all other teams are more peaceful. They do not seek to cause havoc or harm. They simply take in the scenery and explore the mysterious lands. Who knows. Perhaps they will end up being initiated in one of the two factions sooner or later.